Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Urban Climbing

When walking down the street in Lander, Wyoming Eric stepped out in front of a car.  It slammed on its breaks and he leaped back onto the sidewalk as the tires screeched to a stop.  He had  just returned from two weeks in the Wind River Range when we met up and took a walk down Main Street, Lander.  "Take me back to the mountains.  I forgot how to live in the frontcountry," he said.  "It's dangerous out here."

Strange things begin to happen when the outdoor lifestyle and the urban areas combine.  Philadelphia, while far from Lander in many was, still offers its own unique spin on outdoor adventure and frontcountry living.  From railroad tiers near U-Penn to bridge supports of the Walnut, Chestnut and Girard Ave bridges and old mason buildings cut from the rock while the Declaration of Independence was being signed climbers are making up the hybrid world exploration.

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