Wednesday, March 2, 2011



Outdoor opportunities around Center City Philadelphia may seem limited but the resourceful outdoor community has established a strong footing in the city that hopes to become the "greenest" by 2015.  By "linking-up" what is available the options become limitless.

Along the Schuylkill River Path cyclists and joggers cruise by while climbers pull down boulder problems on a popular outcrop of  of rock called Wissahickon schist at the boulders on Kelly drive.  The overhanging rock is far different than the crimpy vertical boulder problems on decorative masonry near the art museum 2 miles down the path.  The bouldering spots alone offer just a handful of climbing options but linking a bit of climbing at each of the half dozen known bouldering spots along the Schuylkill path with a bit of trail running and Philadelphia's adventure sports potential begins to take shape.

As the snow melted and Philly's own short mud season passed I began exploring more link-ups around town and contemplating the next big adventure... 

Trail run - bouldering: Lace up the running shoes and pack the climbing shoes and chalk.  From boathouse row head North up the Schuylkill path stopping to at the Kelly drive boulder and the Girard Ave. bridge along the way.  Continue North on the path turn onto Fountain Green Dr. to find the Boxer trail for an off pavement out and back.

Bike - Disc Golf:  Only 5 miles from downtown is Seldgley Disc Golf Course.  Take the Schuylkill path or mash over Mt. Laurel.

Bike-Run:  Bike 8 miles north of town on the  Schuylkill Path to the Wissahickon Valley Trail.   Park the bike and run the 12 mile loop of  difficult single track that will make you forget you are still in Philadelphia.  Take the climbing shoes in order to hit all the bouldering stashes along the way.

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