Education through Place Based and Wilderness adventure.

Since 2005 John has been devoted to advancing a career in Experiential Education, Wilderness Medicine and Adventure Therapy.  He currently makes a living as a member of the Park City Mountain Ski Patrol and Facilitator at the National Ability Center in Park City.  Other relevant experience includes:

-Therapeutic Wilderness and Adventure Guide: Utah
-Outward Bound Instructor and Logistics Coordinator: West Virginia, Maryland, PA, NJ, NY
-Climbing and Adventure Coordinator: New Mexico.
-Trail Crew Supervisor: Utah, Arizona
-Assistant Director of Tarleton Outdoor Pursuits: Texas
-Ski and Snowboard instructor: Colorado
-River Guide: Colorado
-"Leader in Training" Program Coordinator for Camp Chief Ouray: Colorado
-SARS member, W-EMTb and rescue volunteer: Colorado, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania 
-Challenge Course Facilitator: Texas, Colorado
-Climbing Gym Manager: Texas
-Backpacking/Wilderness instructor: Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, New Jersey, PA