Friday, February 4, 2011

Bike the City #9 (Winter Bike)

The cold air that I had been waiting for all summer long finally fell on the city.  It fell all the way from triple digits to the single digits.  People labored around the city and in the streets they were punished by the wind.  "It's Cold," they said over and over as they walked, "It's Cold." Once it got cold and I continued to bike around the city I noticed for the first time other cyclists began waving.  Partly because cyclists out soon after a Nor'easter  or other heavy storm were so few and partly because those biking knew that you were enduring the numbing cold just as much as they were.
The weather it turns out, when it get extremely cold or snowy, brings out a new side of people.  As daily routines are thrown out of balance and people shovel their porches they stop to laugh at the supreme inconvenience and marvel at just how quickly nature can disrupt our overly technologically driven lives.  A huge snow storm that bogs a city to a crawl is just enough to remind us that we live at the mercy of our environment.

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