Friday, January 21, 2011

Mountain Journal

Sometimes I spend more time at the book store flipping through the blank sketch books than I do looking at books already written.  I browse the section with blank spirals, watercolor books and jot pads while noting their portability. I test fit them into my pocket and check the ease at which they fold open or lay flat.  When I take them off the shelf and flip through them I imagine what they could become.  In time, they tell their own stories not just by the bad drawings, stray lines and unfinished writing but the scuffs, torn pages, dirt smears and wear from being pulled out and used everywhere. Every day.

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Sonja Sommers-Milbourn said...

A guy after my own heart!
I've been an avid journaler (and reader of journals) my entire life. My studio is a perfect place to create my own now, as I 'repurpose' books by painting the pages with gesso, so that I have blank canvases on which to draw, paint, collage, and write.