Monday, June 3, 2013

Hatchet Crack 5.7

After a seemingly long stretch between outings, I finally made it back around the mountain to Little Cottonwood Canyon.  This time it was with Rose, who I have discussed climbing with often but not actually tied into very many routes with.  On the last day of May we shimmied, scootched and muscled our way up the deep right facing crack known as Hatchet Crack.  The nature of the crack makes it feel as if the most difficult parts of the route are climbed sideways.  In the photo, having finished the fist pitch, Rose casually steps up the last few feet to the belay ledge.  From here we continued up another but easier pitch to where we would find our descent route slightly to the north. The descent requires two rappels and and scramble down a gully to the bottom of the canyon.

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