Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A little motivation

There is no bigger critic than a good climbing partner.  Earlier a few of us ventured down to the desert around Moab and gave each other a hard time while we took turns gunning the rope up the various routes.  Try to cheat through by pulling on a piece of gear instead of the rock, nope! Take a break by leaning your weight into  the rope, non likely.  There are not many people who can coach you past your limits at the exact moment you feel you have just crossed them like a belayer.  A little good spirited competition helps us discover what we are able to achieve.  Trying harder at the edge of failure is always more entertaining when you can be pushed among friends, especially when you can return the favor.  While climbing early in the day to avoid the direct heat of the midday sun I stopped to heckle Nathan while he climbed the route next to me.  I had just completed a route that was considerably easier than the one he was on.

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