Monday, November 8, 2010

Philadelphia Marathon

When People are running the wincing expression of discomfort on their faces explains everything.  The sport has been compared to a risk as fruitless as drunk driving and runners are warned by doctors of impending damage and never ending pain if they continue to run.  Still, running remains a universal cross training component for athletes and a favorite pursuit with an ability to captivate the masses.  Just ask one of the 45,000 "runners" of this year's New York City Marathon.

After running regularly for the last 11 months I find myself 2 weeks from reaching my goal of running the Philadelphia Marathon on November 21.  I had long ignored the sport as a sufferfest and had no interest in participating but being in Philadelphia changed that.  The  challenge was inviting, the ability to escape the city through physical endurance and running the Rocky Steps at the art museum and throwing my hands up on the top was hard to resist.  Literally hundreds of miles later I realized that running can be a refreshing thing to do and many challenges can be solved if you just run it out. 

Julie & I finished in good style and at the same time in just over 4 hours. 

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