Thursday, October 15, 2009

sidewalk art festival - Manchester, NH

I dont usually carry a suitcase. This time I had one with me. I had packed my backpack with the usual duds and with my suitcase landed in Manchester on my way to Conway, NH. Unsure of how to make the extra 120 miles North, I pulled out a sharpie and wrote on the side of the blue suitcase, " I'm Looking for a ride to CONWAY."Less than 5 minutes had gone by when a lady walked by and said to me "Conway? I can take you to Conway." She was older, maybe late 50's and she went to pull the car around while I gathered my things. Her car rumbled up to the curb and while she opened the trunk goes, "We'll leave in a bit but first we should go to the Sidewalk Festival....

Chalk was donated by the Art Museum and all were welcome to turn a quick sketch into a square in the park.

As we drove we talked about life, flowers, politics, religion, travel, kids, grandkids, police and the homeless. Cindy is a retired vet that devotes every day to being kind to others. She regularly makes sandwiches for the homeless. Two and a half hours later we reach the small New England town of Conway. I filled her car with gas and she insisted that it wasn't necessary. I insisted. With that I gratefully said thank you and she turned around and drove back.

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