Saturday, September 26, 2009


Any minuted we expected it to snow. It was still September but the overcast skies and near freezing temperatures threatened to spit snow at any minute. The Pitchoff Chimney Cliff is a massive detached block that hangs above Cascade Pass in the Adirondacks. Pete's Farewell is the most popular route up the block where, after climbing the face, you crawl into the Chimney and rappel the space between the block and the cliff.

An infrequently climbed wall in the Adirondacks on the banks of lake Champlaine is accessed only by walking for a little over a mile down a section of railroad cut sharply into the hillsides. The location is know by word of mouth and not described in any guide book. Climbers at the area have been known rappell to the base of the cliff by wrapping a rope around a railroad tie between passing trains.

Pete's Farewell

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