Sunday, October 26, 2008

I found myself hitchhiking again. This time i was heading out of the mountains and north to Boulder, co. There i could spend the last warm days of fall climbing until my apartment in Keystone becomes available on Nov 1st.
A rainy/snowy look north toward Nederland up Boulder Canyon

I left my phone number with a guy in Boulder named John who then passed it on to this guy, Kolby. Kolby called me to ask if id like to go climbing the next morning. I said yes.

The latest in interior design can only be found in Boulder.

I got a job as a campaign Canvasser for Progressive Future and Obama. I bought a six pack of beer and drank three to celebrate my first day of work. The next day I drank the other three to celebrate my last day of work.

Joel called me thinking I lived in Breckenridge. He was looking for a place to park his '53 airstream for the winter so he would have a place to stay on the weekends in Summit county. Conveniently enough, i returned his call and told him i was in town and looking for a place to crash that night. Joel, Jolene and friends were really great and we agreed to see each other on the ski hills later this winter.

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